About JC Consulting Services

In 2001 we set out to build a small business that focused on affordable copywriting for the small-business sector. We believe in the personal touch, solid planning, hard work, and transparency.

We have a passion for writing copy that’s different, compelling, and effective. Jeff started first with direct mail and web copy, but found that many small business wanted turn-key services. So we honed our skills in web development and HTML mark-up.

Jeff with his granddaughter During this start-up time, Jeff was unemployed and seeking a change from the corporate world. He became increasingly frustrated with cookie-cutter resume writers and the high cost of those that could write. He took classes and learned the art of effective resume writing. He brought something different to the table: a solid background in marketing and his experience as a hiring manager. This unique insight gives him a strong understanding of what employers and recruiters want to see in job applications. He started writing for friends and laid-off colleagues. They were getting interviews and offers, and soon word spread that Jeff could write a resume that would "get results," This started the resume writing, and this remains the most active part of the business today. Jeff has written over 2800 resumes in the last ten years.

Prior to starting this business, Jeff spent 25 years in high-tech as supervisor and manager. He wrote many technical papers that were presented at seminars and published in trade journals.

As a certified photographer, Jeff found new excitement with the advances in digital imagery, and rekindled his earlier passion. In college, Jeff loved creating slideshows: stories that stirred the soul and emotions. He received recognition for this in college and then later from a few photo clubs and shows. As digital photography matured, so did the software for creating slide stories. After a few years working with the leading software and creative enthusiasts, he now creates digital HD slide stories for his clients.

Cynthia HerrmannCynthia works as an Editor and Publications Specialist full-time for a leading research facility in the Bay Area, and she doesn't do anything halfway. She lives at full throttle and works that way. She has developed expertise in HTML mark-up as well as technical and instructional writing. Her passion is writing fiction for children, and she has completed several books. She is a long-time member and a co-leader of a successful writers' group in the Bay Area.

Cynthia continues to take new technical and stylistic writing classes and often edits for other writers.

Charlie the Greeter The third member of our team joined us in 2011; his role is customer relations and greeter. We adopted Charlie from "No Place Like Home Animal Rescue," and he has been greeting clients with a big smile from day one. Charlie is a King Charles Caviler with personality plus. Come meet him and you will have a friend for life.

Together Jeff and Cynthia have developed a small consulting business that solves business communication issues. They continue to develop skills that bring value to their clients.