Business Development

Time is now on your sideAs a business owner, you simply might not have the time, skill, or confidence to write your own copy for websites, sales letters, or print materials. You know that advertising is expensive, and you may feel that your last attempt failed and just cost you your hard-fought money. Perhaps the real problem is that your copy lacks the persuasive power to energize your target client into action. We will re-energize your marketing and help you realize your goals.

JC Consulting Services will transform your business. We do the work, you reap the rewards. A powerful combination of well-written marketing material that will benefit your business in four ways:

  1. Develop a long-term marketing Strategy
  2. Establish your credibility in the eyes of your customers and clients
  3. Create a single "voice" for your marketing collateral, on- or off-line
  4. Increase sales through targeted marketing

Persuasive CopywritingAs copywriters, JC Consulting Services will produce persuasive copy for your business quickly, effectively, and affordably. Your business will gain a greater profile within your market sector with the use of creative, compelling, and powerful copy to captivate your target reader. Your material will be attractive to your potential market.

Powerful copy is like a one-to-one conversation: how it "talks" is just as important as what it says—it must convince and motivate.

You're a smart businessperson; you know that your material must have the same voice, tone, and energy, regardless of the media. We work with you from day one to establish your voice your tone, your energy, even your vision, and we capture it all in words that sell.

As a business owner, you understand that marketing can take on many styles. Therefore, it is essential that our services provide you with a portfolio of effective copy that uses the same voice. Continuity in your marketing will create an image of trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers.

We can help you with this by offering a broad range of copywriting and business strategy services for you. Whether your needs are for on-line marketing or off-line. We provide you with with a winning strategy that will get your business noticed. Jeff and Cynthia work as a team, which means we can deliver a far more comprehensive and consistent service than a lone freelance copywriter.

Advertising is both art and science: it is a mass-media communication vehicle—the writer must first understand your needs and the consumer’s mindset to be effective, and above all Sell. Unique, creative, effective—this is what makes our copy stand out in the crowd.