Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a discipline within marketing that is used when measurable leads, referrals, or sales are the objective. Generally, direct marketing efforts are undertaken to generate a specific response that can be tracked and measured.

Your marketing partnersWe help your small business grow faster more cost effectively than traditional advertising. Several factors make this possible, including our integrated structure, proven expertise, and fast turnaround.

All direct marketing starts with sales and marketing copy (the written word)this is our specialty, and we bring more than fifteen years of experience to the table. This experience is to your advantage, and it is why we are fast becoming the copywriters of choice for many of the small business in the Central Valley area.

Our ability to help clients achieve their marketing goals with uncommon speed and efficiency stems from how we view the marketing model. We come from the perspective that to grow and succeed in today's fast-paced business environment, you must excel at strategizing and leveraging all your communications opportunities.

This is why JC Consulting Services focuses on providing clients with powerful solutions that draw on the full range of marketing disciplines:

  • Market Research
  • Business and Marketing Plans
  • Business Branding and Positioning
  • Well-Developed Sales and Support Collateral
  • Assessment and Refinement

Our approach, while professional, is informal and collaborative. We keep the process enjoyable and energized—we never lose focus on delivering quality work that won’t break the bank.

Our process flow tends to follow the stages below. However, we are flexible and responsive enough to enter the marketing cycle at whatever stage is necessary and beneficial for the client. With our processes and experience, we are able to add value whether handling work in all or just one of these phases:

  • Define overall goals
  • Research options and target issues
  • Define the best media for reaching your target customers
  • Test strategy on micro-market
  • Adjust as dictated by results
  • Implement the overall strategy

Simply put, we are your marketing and business-building partners.