Knowing your cost up front is vital to business success. That's why we provide a fixed cost up-front that covers all of the copywriting work and/or web development, including amendments. An hourly rate is also available upon request.

What's included in the fixed fee?

  • Initial meeting
  • Up to three revisions of your project

What does the fixed fee not include?

  • Additional meetings and associated expenses
  • Extensive research into product or service on our part
  • A change to the original brief that results in additional revisions
  • Amendments requested after the submission of the third draft
  • Any other agreed upon, out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the project

E-mail us with your project scope, purpose, and deadline, and we will generate a quotation just for your needs.

Web Pricing

For example, a five-page (250300 words/page) website with simple navigation and onethree graphic elements or photographs per page can be as low as $550.00. This is lower than many single-run space advertisements in a newspaper or coupon book!

Send us an e-mail or give us a call, (209) 823-2423 and we can sort through all of this together.

Initial consultations are free of charge, so what do you have to lose besides business?

JC Consulting Services is committed to making our clients happy, not only with the end project, but throughout the process of creation. We understand the time and care it takes to achieve your goal.

We have designed and redeveloped sites for retail, service-based business, and nonprofit organizations.