Your Résumé will open doors when we write it

While a résumé itself cannot land you a job, it is your ticket for an interview. It is the only way a prospective employer can get to know you before they request to meet you in person. You must make a great impression on paper (and electronically) to land the interview. 

The average résumé has less than 30 seconds to impress the reader, and there is no second chance to make a great first impression. Our résumés are written and formatted to absorb the reader. Your qualifications are presented with eye appeal and a story that builds interest.

We'll compile crucial information that budget services can't identify. That's one of the advantage our experience in résumé writing  provides.

Your Résumé will be read when we write it.

Today's job market demands a résumé that is a dynamic, well-written marketing piece, enticing the reader to want to meet with you. One of the greatest myths of hiring is "the best person gets the job, ”not at all! The best-presented person gets the job, ”it is all about marketing! Our résumés get you interviews by speaking the employers' language and showcasing your skills and experiences in the most professional light.

Visual appearance, content quality, keywords used, how the categories are catalogued, and the way the resume displays your overall value, will make or break your job-search efforts. Most, job seekers have the bad habit of using the same résumé layouts and wording as their "competition" ... and surprisingly, they're baffled at their poor response rate. Don't imitate-innovative.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you. You need a résumé that will produce, and lucky for you, we do just that.

Cover Letters

Effective cover letters communicate your sense of urgency. They convey enthusiasm for the position and the company you are targeting. The cover letter must demonstrate your understanding of the company's goals and mission. With a cover letter you can:

  • personalize and target your résumé.
  • direct attention to specific skills that are important to the reader
  • clearly state your interest in the company.
  • open doors that your competition can't.

Each résumé and cover letter we create is based on your background, education, and experience. We start by interviewing you and obtaining the critical information that allows us to build your personal story. We work with you throughout the generation process to insure satisfaction with the final marketing piece. We produce, achievement oriented résumés that get you call in for the interview. Cover letters are based on the job description and further enhance your position.