Why we should write your Résumé

Get more interview with our résumés!

Most résumé templates, wizards and software packages are outdated or too limited to be of any real sales value. Today's résumé formats are more flexible, and dynamic. In this turbulent job market, even the chronological and functional résumé no longer work as before. Several of the major job sites won't accept the functional format, and the traditional résumé can be too limited to be an effective sales tool.

Writing your own résumé is a tough job and requires a fair amount of research. You need to know how to make the right decisions regarding employment history, marketable skills, presenting your accomplishments and even your education. What is the best format for you and your target position? What to include, and yes some times what must be left out.

When you fail to capture the hiring managers interest, you fail to get interviews. No interviews - No job offers.

Call us today at (209) 823-2423, and we will create that impressive interview winning résumé for you!

What we are not

JC Consulting Service is not a booking house taking your order then sending it to someone else to process. We write all our work in house, we use no outside writing services, we control our schedule and answer only to our clientele. You are free to contact us by phone or email regarding the status of your project. If we're not in or with other clients we'll get back to you quickly.

Many of the web sites that offer résumé writing services send your information to other writers, and only offer email contacts.

We are Not a budget résumé service

Yes, you can find cheaper services on the web, but keep this in mind:

It takes the most experienced writers from two to four hours to write an effective, interview-winning résumé. This does not take in account the client meetings, research and general production time. All the elements needed to give you the results you expect and deserve.

When you see pricing of $39, $49 even $59 for a fast food résumé, you're getting a template driven, cloned résumé generated by software with little writer involvement.

Do you want someone making $10 per hour to write one of the most critical documents used in your career?

Work with an experienced résumé writer, one with a proven record of success. We have written thousands of résumés, cover letters, business bio's, for serious job seekers.