Résumé Development Process

To create the best possible résumé for you, we need to get to know you. This is why we schedule a personal appointment and conduct a private interview. If necessary, we will conduct a phone interview or send a brief questionnaire. In some cases we might do both.

Your Résumé will open doors when we write it We start with an in-depth discussion with you to develop knowledge of your best qualifications. Discuss the story behind the résumé: motivations, developments, and distinctions that impacted your career.

We then develop your draft résumé. This normally involves reformatting, adding or subtracting content, and adding the professional touches that distinguish a professionally prepared résumé. After polishing and review, we then meet for a follow-up appointment. This can be done by email.

You review the résumé and make sure it is accurate, complete, professional, and efficient.  Provide feedback and let us know if you are satisfied.

We make whatever changes or modifications necessary after your review and return the résumé to you. A typical turnaround for a completed résumé is 72 to 96 business hours.

Think a professionally written résumé is too expensive?

"If you've never worked with a professional résumé writer, you don't know the true benefits of working with someone who 'lives and breaths' the industry."

A great résumé can do wonders for your career. A well-written,  professional résumé can uncover new opportunities and open doors that might otherwise be closed. Maybe you're targeting a new challenge, more money, or just a change of pace. A great résumé will smooth your transition.

Let's look at the figures. Most job-search campaigns can stretch out for weeks or months. First, think of the salary you're seeking. For the sake of this example, we'll use $50,000. Second, take that number and divide it by 2,080 (based upon 40 hours per week over 12 months) and you'll come up with a gross amount of $24.04 per hour.

If you find that position just three weeks sooner, you earned $2,884 that might have been lost. What if you find that position six months sooner? That's an additional $25,000! Each day of unemployment cost you $192.

We want you to succeed in your job search. With the odds stacked against you, seek every advantage—don't let your résumé keep you from your next career move. We will write a winning résumé and cover letter that demands attention.

Call us today and we can get started on your dream job, (209) 823-2423.