Slide Stories

We all have stories we want to share

The Greatest Story of all your Love Story

Creating slideshows from your photographs is a great way to share your story. Whether your story is, a single event such as a graduation, birth of a child, a party or lifetime story for retirement or a memorial for a loved one, the slide story we create in partnership with you, will tell your story in a creative way.

Each slideshow we create is edited with a careful eye to insure your presentation is perfect. Photos are color corrected, cropped, and adjusted as needed. Movement as well as frames and stylistic enhancements are added as your story takes shape. Key images are showcased to enhance the story you are telling. As a photographer Jeff brings a professional level of editing to your show. We can add your music or help with suggestions that will give your story that Hollywood touch.

Holidays can be saved forever!Using JC Consulting Services to construct your slideshow means you can have your vision fully edited with motion and slide transitions timed to music for a stellar slideshow that sells your story.

This is not an Automated Process

We create your story with leading software, not a fixed process of automation; this means each step of the process is hand done. Just like great food, a good slideshow is created from scratch using the recipe of, quality ingredients, and years of experience and proven techniques. No shortcuts allowed.

Graduations are Great Stories! We know it's time consuming just to weed through all your photos for a show, selecting just the right images, some are in books, other in 35 mm slides, some are even in frames. We help our clients through this process by providing a checklist and image guidelines that help streamline the process. Contact us and well be glad to furnish this guide.

Together we develop ideas, background themes, timing, and music options for a great slideshow.

We begin your show with a  opening title; then add captions throughout your show for clarity and understanding. We add music, set the slide timing, and try to end each show on a high note, leaving your audience wanting more.

You receive this show on a DVD ready to view on your TV, light projector, or even your computer. All the images are returned to you on a separate CD in digital format, corrected, cropped and as edited for your slideshow. Originals are cared for and returned in the same condition as received.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. With that in mind, we believe you'll find our slideshow and packages to be very thorough and priced affordably.

Download our FREE PDF guide for effective slideshows. This e-book includes tips on story telling and great suggestions for music selections.