All features you'll need for a great slideshow are included

  • Photo scanning We scan all your paper photos at high-quality resolution. Next, we'll make adjustments to your photos; light and darkness levels, color balance, remove red-eye, sharpen images, remove dust, scratches, and fix minor blemishes.
  • See you photos come to life!
  • Often your photos have been damaged, or faded as a function of time and storage. We'll make minor repairs to photos, such as remove, bends, wrinkles, creases, and torn edges, when possible.
  • Adding movement to your still images such as Ken Burns effects, adds interest to each image and brings it to life. We then employ tasteful transitions between photos, such as fade in/fade out, dissolves, and special effects transitions. The goal is to add story enhancement not over power the audience with special effects.
  • Then choreograph your photos to the music, this is called synchronization. This brings your show to life. Mood and style are set through the music you select, and the number of photos in the show.
  • Once we are satisfied with all the stylistic editing and have finished the core show, we add a simple menu, for DVD control.