Music and Copyright Compliance

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Music for your Story

Music is a key factor in creating the right mood for your story. Copyright laws that regulate personal use are enforced and can be difficult to interpret. In short if the slideshow is for personal use and not to be shown in a public setting, not sold, not posted on the web such as YouTube you are free to used your copy of that music.

If you need original royalty free music for your story presentation, visit these sites:

Music for your StoryDue to copyright laws you must provide the music. However, we can purchase music on your behalf at a charge of $2.50/song to simplify this step.

We only obtain and use music legally, and require that customers do the same. Our slideshows are created for private viewing only. We provide them with the understanding that they are not intended for public presentation, you will not post them on the Internet, you will not charge a fee for people to view them and they will not be duplicated or used for any other purpose other than for your private use.

If you provide us with music, we can accept and use legally-purchased CDs. No home-burned music CDs or files will be accepted, unless you provide a download receipt. When we provide the music, we purchase the music only from legal, legitimate internet sites.

Download our PDF guide for effective slideshows. This free e-book includes tips on story telling and great music suggestions for most occasions.

Voice Over

You can add voice over files to your slide show. Please provide us with the digital recording and instructions on  where and how you would like this file used. You can provide us this recording in most digital formats (MP3 is preferred). Please contact us for additional information if you would like to do this. If you need professional voice over files created please contact us and we can assist you with this.