Slide Stories Samples

Here are just a few samples of the slide stories we have created. Most of our work is very personal and not suited for public broadcasting. Memorial and Tribute stories are our specialty. These have been used at "Celebrations of Life" services and "Memorial Services" and have been very well received by our clients. Web slideshows are not high resolution, and may skip, or even freeze due to streaming and traffic issues. However our DVDs are sharp clear and present well.

Paul and Amber are stand-up comics that presented a show at the Great Plate in Tracy, CA. These photographs were taken by Cash Bryan, and I created the video. This is a short video about 1.5 minutes long.

These slides were taken in the late 80's early 90's in and about Rome. The slides were then scanned and this video was created. Note: the slides were in poor shape, and some were badly faded. The original sound tract for this was Strauss "Wine, Woman and Song" by RTL Symphony. This is a demo of what can be done with vacation or trip photos.

Melissa, my daughter has spent many years in Africa, setting up orphanages and safe houses for those that needed them. This a compilation of some of her photos and videos. I created this video in 2011 just for fun. This is a longer video about 6.5 minutes

Tracy Great Day of Service 2008, a community wide day of service where 100s of people volunteered their time and service to clean up schools, and helped with building projects, and maintenance at the Boys and Girls Club. This video was done in 2009, and is about 4.5 minutes. This is the older format for TV viewing.

We have done many other videos and some will be posted here, some will not do the sensitive nature (such as memorials, tributes, and weddings). If you would like to see more of our work, please feel free to call us at (209) 823-2423 and we can set up a viewing appointment.